Monday, 8 August 2011

The Watershed: Smoked Pork Cutlet

 The Watershed, Mawson Lakes.
I ordered the smoked pork cutlet with high hopes. When it arrived at my table, the presentation was soo pretty that my hopes got even higher. Unfortunately it didn't taste as special as it looked or sounded. It tasted simply like a steak of embellished bacon. The sweet potatoe mash brought the rest of the dish down aswell. Though it was served with a red currant vino cotta sauce which made the pork taste less breakfast-y. The overall dish wasn't's just that I was expecting more.

The photo I took was soo vibrant that it's what inspired me to start a food blog as I enjoy going out to restaurants and trying different foods. I especially love food that is well presented and photo worthy. This is my first entry and hopefully this blog will help serve as a useful guide for finding some good food spots in Adelaide.

I rate this dish 2.5 stars

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